Hi, I'm a young DJ Producer from Brussels, Belguim. I have been passionated by electronic music since I was 16, the day I saw Tiesto live at Ciney Expo. He inspired me to become part of the musical world as a DJ. With my pocket money, I bought the "X-Session Pro" from M-Audio. After a few months used I quickly switch to the "Xponent" Controller, which was more advanced. I used it for my first mixes in my bedroom.

At the age of 19 I joined several "Dj Contest"; I was selected for 2 big contests, one to play for the first time at the "Flagrand Délire" in Namur and, afterward, one at the "Cap Sud"(Saint-Ghislain) during the dj contest "Summer Project Festival", I was selected as winner during the Cap Sud Contest which lets me mix for the first time in a festival.

I then kept mixing in different places : bars, clubs, radios, private parties, events such as : Insanity, Party like, L'Antidote, Saint-Germain. I've been interviewed for the first time at "Fréquence Eghezée" in the Dancefloor Système program.

At the age of 21, I studied at SAE, Electronic Music Producer section. I learned on DAW music production, Ableton and started making my firsts "Bootlegs" broadcasted on my "Soundcloud".

I also produced a full CD (Sub tegmine fagi).